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Donor Statements

For nonprofits, by nonprofits

You would think that for users of gold-standard software like QuickBooks Online, generating donor statements should be a pretty simple task. But it turns out there’s actually no built-in way to do so. As a small nonprofit, we spent year after year trying different apps and services without ever being able to find something that fully met our needs — or even worked reliably. We wasted hour upon hour searching for and then fiddling with software, fighting with the printer, or waiting on hold with support. So finally we decided to build a solution for ourselves. Now we want to share our work with you, so that you can get back to focusing on what matters most.

The simplicity you want.

The features you need.

Unlimited Usage

All our plans come with unlimited usage — print or even email as many donor statements as you need, covering any date range of your choosing. Easily create a statement for a specific donor, or process your entire batch with just a few easy clicks.

Powerful Filters

Interacting with your donors always takes careful thought and a personal touch — that’s why we built our granular filtering tools, to make it as easy as possible to reach exactly the donors you mean to.

Custom Templates

Create an unlimited number of fully customized templates, including logo and personal signature. Each template can easily be set to automatically meet all IRS requirements, and will fit into a standard #9 double window mailing envelope.

RFM analysis

Tools to understand and manage your donor base

Creating IRS-compliant statements for your donors with both ease and stunning flexibility is our core mission, but we didn’t stop there. We also built in the ability to generate RFM metrics on demand, giving you instant insight into the relative quality and potential of each and every donor to your organization. And our bulk update tool allows you to keep your donor database up to date using nothing more than a simple Excel spreadsheet.

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