Unlimited Usage

All our plans come with unlimited usage — unlike our competitors, for a flat monthly rate you can print or even email as many donor statements as you need, covering any date range of your choosing.

Batch Processing

While you can choose to create a statement for a specific donor, our app has primarily been designed to help you generate your entire batch of statements with just a few simple clicks.

Powerful Filtering

Filter your statement batches based on date range, mailing address, payment method, statement total, and even an optional do-not-mail list you can easily set up within the app.

Personalized Templates

Create an unlimited number of fully customized templates, including logo and personal signature. Each template can easily be set to automatically meet all IRS requirements.

Multiple Delivery Options

Your statements can be emailed directly to donors, downloaded as PDFs formatted to fit into a standard #9 double window mailing envelope, or both!

Flexible Date Ranges

Whether you only send out statements annually, or prefer to acknowledge each donation promptly on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, our app has you covered.

A plan for everyone


If your organization only sends out annual donor statements once per year, then you can sign up for a single month and unlock the ability to generate an unlimited number of statements for all your donors. Easily print out a PDF containing all your statements preformatted for mailing, or choose to have us automatically email individual statements to your donors for no extra charge.

Annual plan

Many nonprofits find it invaluable to respond immediately to the generous gifts of their donors by sending out thank-you letters right away. If your organization wants to drive donor engagement by sending acknowledgement letters year-round, sign up for our annual plan and save a massive 50% off our standard monthly rate. This plan also allows you to regularly take advantage of the extra tools we offer to help you better manage and understand your donor base.

Free account

We want you to make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of our software before spending a single cent of your valuable money, and so we offer everyone permanent access to a trial version of our app. Explore the features, set up your QuickBooks Online integration, configure your statement template and your preferred settings, even generate watermarked donor statements from the actual records in your QuickBooks Online account.

Complex workflows made easy

Want to mail printed statements to donors with mailing addresses within the US who donated more than $250 in a given period, while emailing statements to everyone except those who donated online and so already received a receipt upon checking out? All it takes is a few clicks, and our app can take care of all that and more, absolutely effortlessly!

Supports hybrid income models

In addition to accepting donations, does your nonprofit also sell products or services to help support your mission? Let us take care of separating your sales from your donations for you. Our app allows you to easily configure the QuickBooks Online integration so that we only pull in transactions from the accounts you specifically mark as donation income.

RFM metrics on demand

Easily export the RFM metrics (recency, frequency, monetary value) for your donors across any given time period. Isolate and reach out to lapsed donors, or identify your strongest donors to target for your latest capital campaign.

Bulk update donor information

Manually updating donor records one-by-one in QuickBooks Online can take an enormous amount of time. Use our simple bulk update tool to upload an Excel spreadsheet with all your changes, then sit back and let us take it from there.

Designed with you in mind

Our app has been carefully architected to allow us to continuously improve and rapidly incorporate customer feedback. If there’s anything we can add or change to better support your business requirements, all you need to do is reach out and let us know.

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