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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your app apart?
  •  We charge a flat rate for unlimited usage, rather than making you pay for every single statement you generate. With our app, everything is included once you sign up: create an unlimited number of statements covering any number of date ranges, and choose whether to deliver them by mailing a printed PDF or by using our built-in email service — for no extra charge.
  • We support a robust set of filtering options, allowing you unparalleled and effortless control over the statement batches you generate. Available filters include:
    • Date range
    • Mailing address
    • Payment method
    • Statement total
    • Custom do-not-mail list
Who can use this app?

This app is currently only for nonprofits using QuickBooks Online in the United States (although other online accounting software such as Xero may be supported in the future).

Are there any restrictions on the types of transactions I can import into the app?

Our app is able to pull all transactions from whichever accounts in QuickBooks Online you mark as donation income, regardless of the document type — sales receipts, invoices, or even journal entries!

How often is my data refreshed?

Completely up-to-date data is pulled from QuickBooks Online in real-time whenever you generate statements or run a report.

Why sign up for an annual plan?

While the IRS only requires nonprofits to issue statements to donors once per year, many donors appreciate and respond to a prompt acknowledgement of their gift. The appearance of ingratitude is a big potential turn-off to benefactors, and immediately sending a thank-you letter after receiving a donation is an excellent way of keeping donors engaged with you and your mission.

In addition, our software includes useful extra features such as the ability to generate RFM metrics (recency, frequency, monetary value) for any given time period, allowing you to maintain a deeper understanding of your donor base.

Can I change my billing cycle after subscribing?

Absolutely! You are free to switch between monthly and annual billing at any time.


  • If you switch from a monthly to an annual plan, the cost of your current monthly payment will be deducted from the annual subscription amount.
  • If you switch from an annual to a monthly plan, the new pricing and subscription duration will take effect on the date of your next scheduled renewal.
Will I lose access to my statement archive if I cancel?

Not at all! You will always keep your access to the PDFs of every statement batch you generated — even if you are no longer subscribed to the app.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer everyone the ability to create a free account, which can be used to explore and customize the app. You can even test our capabilities using your actual data from QuickBooks Online to make absolutely sure you will be satisfied with the product we deliver. However, until a paid subscription is activated the following limitations will be in place:

  • Sample PDFs will be watermarked
  • Batch processing and email delivery is disabled
  • RFM metrics cannot be generated
  • Bulk updates to QBO donor information cannot be made


Do you offer refunds?

As a SaaS (software as a service) provider we unfortunately are not able to offer refunds, but you are always free to cancel at any time.

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